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Discover the rich tapestry of Linden Hill's history!

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Discover the rich tapestry of Linden Hill's history!

Fundraising to Restore the Linden Hill Pavilion

UPDATE: Thank you to all who have donated toward the restoration of the pavilion! We are set to begin initial repairs and improvements as weather permits in the coming months. As we work to complete the first phase of the project, we will continue to raise funds to complete the second and third phases of the project. Keep reading to find out more details on what those plans entail and click to donate! A monthly giving option is now available which gives donors the ability to spread out donations throughout the year.


The Pavilion at Linden Hill has been standing on these beautiful grounds since 1910. Originally a covering for the Weyerhaeuser's in-ground pool, it has been a center for joy and special memories for over a century! Now a screened-in pavilion, this space is enjoyed for parties, reunions, weddings, fundraising events and more!

Our main goal in raising funds for this building (one of 9 on the estate) is to maintain and repair the existing structure. The wood, especially along the bottom is rotting and in need of repairs, as are a number of other areas. The roof was repaired within the last 5 years and is in great shape which is a great place to start! If we reach our first goal of $8,500, we estimate that we'll have the ability to fix the currently rotten wood, repair screens and give it a coat of paint. We're thinking positively and have set a second goal of an additional $9,000 which we estimate will allow us to take care of landscaping around the pavilion to avoid future flooding inside as well as work on the flooring. A third goal has been set of an additional $12,500 to potentially add on an outdoor restroom and plumbing for the pavilion. This would complete the space and give our outdoor guests the final thing missing to make it the perfect gathering space.

We continue to do our best to be very good stewards of the Linden Hill Historic Estate and all that she holds as well as the gifts we are entrusted with to carry out our mission of preserving and sharing this place we love. Our goal numbers are estimates for the work we hope to get done- maybe we'll be able to accomplish more (like the tennis court/parking area) with the funds raised- There's always another project waiting- It really does take a village!!!

While we know our goals are high, we strive to think forward for the Linden Hill Historic Estate and take good care of the entirety of this special place, nestled along the river here in Little Falls, MN. Thank you for your generosity and support!

Thank you for your continued support to help preserve and share the Musser/Weyerhaeuser Estate on the Mississippi River.

The featured video shows the pavilion being used for the annual Lumberjack Days - a tradition that invites every third grader in the Little Falls School district to come to Linden Hill and learn all about the history of their community. The students learned the Lumberjack Song and performed it at the end of their fun-filled day on the estate.